Helping You Change Before You Have To
The Greek word πρόνοια "pronoia” [pron'-oy-ah] means “forethought”. ​Our mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations transform in a timely manner to succeed in the new global business world. 
The whole world is a stage and Everyone plays a part
Pronoia Group helps individuals, Teams, organizations innovate by empowering the culture and strategy that drive them.
Make a difference through positive impact on society
Pronoia Group brings future insight, connection, and mechanism to disrupt stereotypes for the better society.

What we do

We help organizations around the globe build cultures of high performance and innovation. We provide insights, consulting, coaching and training. We tackle problems ranging from strategy, HR innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, global leadership, change, team development and communication.

We help individuals fulfill their potential.

What we are different

​We aim at maximizing transformational learning through unconventional methods based on neuroscience and high performance psychology. We bridge the worlds of Fortune 500 corporations and startups to foster disruptive innovation. We focus on practical insights by balancing hard data and intuition.

Why it's important

The world is changing exponentially

The world is being disrupted in unprecedented ways by global megatrends like technology evolution, globalization, entrepreneurship, or attitude shifts. To thrive, organizations need to change before they have to and evolve faster than these trends. This requires new structures, mindsets and skillsets. 

The way we work does not work anymore

The suit was invented in the 17th century, yet we still wear it to work. Yet, billions are made by entrepreneurs in T-shirts. It’s time to change not only what we wear to work, but how we work and live. We can help you to work better in the new world. 


Technology is changing purchasing behaviors. Consumer spending via mobile is estimated to increase from US$204b in 2014 to US$626b in 2018. Almost half of all e-commerce sales will be from mobile commerce. Technology is also determining ways people work now. Recent research at Oxford University shows technology’s threats and opportunities. 47 percent of jobs may be automated within ten years. Yet today there have been 627,000 jobs created for people to build and sell apps on Apps store that did not exist ten years ago.


Globalization is increasing, and economic power continues to shift east and south of the globe. With growing economic influence, emerging markets are gaining bigger share in the knowledge economy. It is estimated that 40% of global R&D investments come from Asia. Chinese companies are globalizing aggressively, moving production out of China. Alibaba, the e-commerce company has outgrown Amazon, Facebook and IBM. 


Entrepreneurship drivers in rapid growth markets are moving from necessity to opportunity. Developing nations score higher than developed in entrepreneurial activity. Uganda is the world’s most entrepreneurial country; 28% of its adult population started businesses in the last 42 months, which is almost twice as high as any other country in the world. UK comes at 37th place (4.6%), US at 41st (4.3%). Japan is the world’s 4th least entrepreneurial country, with 1.3% of adults running their own business.

New Attitudes

Attitudes are changing. Millennials (people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s.) will amount to 50% of employees by 2020. Millennials are born “digital natives”, and they often show more similarities with people at their age in a different country, than with people ten years older in their own. They value social contribution, learning and wellbeing. The are not attracted to employers who do not. Millennials are entrepreneurial, especially in emerging markets; 57% of China’s entrepreneurs are between the ages of 25 to 34.